Hello again.

Well, it’s Friday and I have no big plans for the weekend. Although, I am kind of excited because of several things that will be happening in my near future. First, my dad and I finally ordered me a new computer. This one works fine, but it’s a little slow processing my words for the dictation because of all the documents and stuff I have accumulated throughout my education. The new one will have tons of room. For more iTunes and things from work. When I get a job that is.. My dad keeps joking that it is a new computer “for all of the new stuff I have planned for rollin into the future” readers. Anyway, he’s going to set that up tonight. The voice recognition technology is supposed to work fine with Windows Vista. So we’ll see. I’ll give you a report and tell you how it goes later. If everything goes as planned, I may be up and running by tomorrow. I might even have a web cam. Who knows?

Also, it’s finally official. My best friend is in fact moving back from Chicago and we are moving in together. We’ve been sorting out some of the details if this were to become a reality. But it actually is. Another girl is going to move in with us, allowing us to split the difference three ways. It’ll be easier on us financially that way. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. But I am 26 (27 in April). It’s about time I get on with my life. My mom even says that every once in a while. Although, not in that tone. Just gently urging and encouraging me.

I also have a long-awaited coffee break arranged with some college friends on Tuesday night. The details aren’t concrete yet, but I haven’t seen them in a while so I’m excited. Being stuck in the house with not much to do is getting old. Although I do have those job consultant meetings to go to which are interesting. But in the long run, I just want a job. Somewhere I can utilize the talents that God gave me for writing.

Anyway, onto today’s topic. As I said I might do, I have decided to refer back to the advocacy article on this woman, Carrie Ann Lucas. The question is, can people w ith disabilities be good parents? I believe they can in most cases. Either way, parenting isn’t without its difficulties and sometimes you do have to ask for help.

Okay, so I had originally planned for this post to be longer including all of the quotes of the article that I thought were important. But then I thought you could just read the article and find the quotes yourself. I’m actually having a little too much fun with my new computer here

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