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Hi Guys,

I apologize for this post being so late. I guess I’m having just a little too much fun with my new computer. Chuckle. I also find myself running out of ideas to talk about. So maybe someone can help me out there? Hint, hint.

I did run across one topic of interest today. Disability awareness is once again on television. As turns out, the popular show “Dancing With the Stars” has a contestant with a disability. Well sort of. Her name is Heather Mills McCartney and she is an amputee. As a celebrity, she is most famous for her work with the Adopt-A- Minefield as well as being the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Her passion includes increasing public awareness of land mines and its devastating worldwide impact. She is also known for her views as a animal rights activist, speaking out against the trading of dog and cat fur in China.

In 1993, Heather Mills McCartney was injured in a car accident involving a police motorcade. She suffered multiple injuries, ranging from crushed ribs to to the loss of one of her legs. But she doesn’t let this stop her. Just a year later, she was out putting her personal experiences to good use. What did she do you ask? Well, she took part in the first convoy that delivered artificial limbs to Croatia. You can look for her and her partner, Jonathan Roberts on ABC at 8 p.m. on Mondays.

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