Forest fires in California


I’m sure you all heard about the recent forest fires in California. They’ve really caused a lot of difficulty for the families in the area. Many of them will probably end up having to rebuild their homes and and lives as well as create new memories. Why am I saying all this? Partially because I am running out of new topics for my blog seeing that I will no longer have the extra cable channels at my fingertips in order to give me new ideas after next week. But mostly because I think this story can give people hope no matter what you are going through.

You see, a local news man’s family actually lives in California and survived to tell about it. All this last week, his sister has been reporting by phone, giving people an up close and personal look at the devastation. Janet Cane and her family were evacuated from their homes when wind no Valley swept the fires up to 2 miles from their home. In the end, 750,000 Californians were evacuated and 2000 homes were destroyed. Among all of that destruction, six homes in their community were spared including their own. But not everyone was so lucky.


Citation for TV Program: “Life after The Fire” News segment Bill Spencer reporting, ABC channel 7 WXYZ Detroit, News at 11 pm, November 5, 2007.

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