Faithful Friday : A Personal Update

Faithful Friday: A Personal Update

by: Debbie Waltz

For the past several weeks, I have been struggling to get back into a normal routine. Those of you coming back from a vacation will understand. It’s kind of a letdown coming back to your normal life. That being said, I had hoped going to a writer’s conference would help. Unfortunately, it did not go as expected. I am still trying to process what to do and where to go from here.

In the meantime, I still have high hopes for this blog and where it’s going. In fact, I am working on a faithful Friday interview featuring a friend of mine, Nina Day. Kennedy and her daughter, Emily, in honor of SMA awareness month. Then, I plan on taking a quick break from interviews and sharing my personal experience traveling to the British Isles with my family. I hope you will join me for this travel series. See you next Friday.

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  1. You’re a great writer. God has given you a gift to write in a very meaningful way that touches many. As you enjoy your family and travels in these coming weeks I have no doubt that God will show you what he needs you to write in his time. You are a blessing to many. You have inspired and helped me more than you will ever know. Please continue these encouraging blogs. Susan (cousin)


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