Encouragement: View of A Caregiver.


I realize that Wednesday’s “encouragement” posts have changed in the last couple of weeks. In all honesty, I have completely forgotten about finishing my review of Patrick Henry’s book I am Potential. It’s so easy for me to get distracted these days; I have a lot going on in my life. You wouldn’t believe that because I spend most of my time on my computer, but I do. It doesn’t help the situation that my voice recognition software has become unreliable.. at any time it could choose to freeze up on me, along with a host of other computer problems.

Still, I try to remain optimistic. I am hoping to get back to my Patrick Henry book review next week. If I don’t, please readers, send a e-mail to remind me. I don’t do this blog for myself, I do it for you and I don’t know what type of information you want or need regarding disabilities unless you tell me. I’m not perfect, no one is

Anyway, I came across this blog while sorting through some e-mail. It provides an interesting perspective, that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. The perspective of a caregiver. This blog features a caregiver of a person with Asperger’s (sp?) Syndrome.


I’m sorry to say but I often forget to thank the people in my life that make my independent living possible

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