Encouragement: The Ministry in South Africa

Hello Everyone,

Since I am starting a new adventure on this road called “Life”, I thought I’d feature some people who are doing the same. A newly married couple from our church is answering a call to Ministry in South Africa. They will serve as the people that oversee a guesthouse meant for missionaries who come to visit from time to time. Another aspect of the job is overseeing the finances.

The couple did not take this decision lightly; they had visited the country before on a “vision tour”. During this time, they got involved in church activities, immersed themselves in the culture. Despite the small church size, (around 180 people), they feel God has led them there to serve as a influential part of Far Reaching Ministries. As well as ministering to people, they will participate in worldwide Christian functions such as Passion Kampala. This is a free two day concert for college aged students to hear the Word of God.

For information on any of the above agencies, go to:

Far Reaching Ministries



Passion Kampala


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