Encouragement: Honoring Mattie Stepanek

As many of you may know, Oprah’s last show is this week. While I don’t agree with many of her perspectives on faith etc., she has introduced the world to several inspiring people her time on the air. One of them being 13-year-old Mattie Stepanek. I featured him several years back because of his outspoken views on peace and living the best you can through whatever circumstances God gives you…

You see, Mattie was born with muscular dystrophy despite this devastating diagnosis, he used his time on this Earth wisely by spreading the message of hope to everyone he came in contact with. Despite his youth, he had wisdom beyond his years. He even went as far as publishing two books entitled Heart Songs and Journey through heart songs, which went on to be put to music with the help of country music star Billy Gilman.

You can find more about his books and CD on Amazon.com. One of his most famous sayings was:: “We are a mosaic of gifts and each of us has our own inner beauty no matter how we look,”

In the most recent interview with Mattie’s, we find that his message lives on. In his final hours, he never gave up the positive attitude by “challenging his mom to inhale. Do not breathe to simply exist”

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