Encouragement: Connor Doren Revisited

Two days to go until my surgery.. There’s nothing left to say but it’s in the Lord ‘s hands. I just need to believe in his mercy and his plan for my life.

As I am coping with the upcoming surgery, I am speechless and nervous. That being said, I thought this clip appropriate.On Tuesday’s wild-card version of America’s Got Talent, I was pleasantly surprised when Howie Mandel brought back one of my favorites, Connor Doren. I had previously featured Connor in one of my blog post because of his unique talent of indoor kite flying. He is back, and his recent kite flying edition to the music of “Raise Me Up” has won him a place in the semi finals.

As for Friday’s post, I’m not sure whether I’m going to be up and around writing. So in case I don’t see you, we’ll catch up Monday!

Pray for me and God bless you,


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