“Dwarf Adoption story” on the Discovery channel


I am posting on a Saturday instead of Friday with good reason. Not only because there wasn’t much going on disability – wise yesterday, but also because I was able to enjoy a long visit with some church family friends from Michigan. It was nice to see them again and be able to catch up after all of these years. In these changing times, I find many churches are struggling.. struggling to find their place in this world where the boundaries and morals aren’t so clear anymore

Anyway, today I was flipping through my television channels and came across an interesting show on Discovery Health Channel. It was called “Dwarf Adoption Story”; unfortunately, though, I only caught the tail end of the program. The show features David and his wife as they travel to Albania for 45 days in the effort to complete the adoption of their second child Nikolai. In the end, they were able to complete the process and their family.

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Citation for TV program: “Dwarf Adoption Story ” Discovery Health Channel 161 DHC 22 May 2010

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