Changing Lives One Book At a Time: Lurlene McDaniel

You are what you read.

Okay, so that’s not how the saying really goes. But I believe this statement does have a bit of truth to it. Whether positive or negative, the media plays a vital role in shaping the hearts and minds of the American people. Writers and journalists alike possess the power to inform, entertain, inspire and motivate just through the use of the few choice words.

That’s why I strive to surround myself with only positive energy. To some people, this way of thinking may seem a little naïve. Believe me, I know how vital it is to stay informed and keep updated with the news while making important decisions. It’s just that constantly accepting negative energy eventually becomes draining. As I explained yesterday, what you read and how you spend your day can in fact influence your personality in the long run as well as future decisions.

In all my years of reading, only a few writers have truly grasped the true meaning of “positivity” in their writing. One of my favorite authors, Lurlene McDaniels, also emphasizes this philosophy. Although a majority of her books deals with what others may consider “difficult circumstances”, McDaniels chooses to focus on dealing with the circumstance, rather than escaping it. Her books cover a range of topics from physical disabilities to incurable or otherwise manageable diseases.

By dealing with these topics, I mean the author doesn’t limit herself to just medical terminology and cures. While she views these as important, she focuses on the heart of every issue-which is just that.. The Heart! Overcoming these obstacles impact the heart to its very core, affecting personal relationships, self esteem issues, spiritual issues and so much more. These books are primarily geared toward towards teenagers. Typically, this includes anyone from age 11 to 16; although anyone, even adults like me can appreciate her for her style of writing.

Where did her inspiration come from? If I remember correctly from reading about the author, the idea first came when someone in their family was diagnosed with leukemia. You can read more about this author by going to her website:


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