American Idol Season 12 Inspirations

It’s that time again.. American Idol preliminary auditions have ended and some amazing talents have began to emerge. Not only that, but some of these contestants have inspiring stories to go along with them! Take for example the story of  Kayden Stephenson, the 16-year-old living with cystic fibrosis; he realizes that life is short and to take every opportunity as it comes.

Then there’s Micah Johnson..He suffered severe nerve damage during surgery to remove his tonsils; As a result, he has undergone speech therapy and has a impairment when he speaks. Miraculously, you don’t notice it when he sings…

Last but not least there’s Matheus Fernandes.. Matheus Is a perfect example of why you should not judge anyone simply on looks. After enduring years of bullying in school just because of his stature, he is ready to step out in courage and show off his voice!

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