All Moved In

Dear readers~
It’s hard to believe it’s literally been a month since my last post on here; it feels like so much longer. But we did it- in a matter of weeks, we packed all our stuff and moved to another county. It feels so much longer though when you are living through it. But we made it. We’ve had our share of difficulties during the first few days. For example, I had to get around the house for the first week or so. Mind you, the owner said he would have one of his builders as soon as possible. I’m usually patient and understanding- after all, other stuff had to be finished before everything was finalized; but for those that have spent time in old wheelchairs, you get me… (Your body is squashed into a seat that no longer fits your stature and you feel short; for a couple of days, it’s okay. But a week is pushing it). After waiting a couple of days, my mom and dad were able to make a makeshift ramp and get my regular one in here. It didn’t help matters that the batteries in my chair aren’t holding power like they should. But they were able to get it up here safely.
          Stuck in the house a few days after this, the carpenter came along and I was finally able to get outside. I will say the ramp is nice and well worth the wait. We wait anxiously for our driveway to be paved on Monday and then my basement apartment to begin soon after. We continue to work with the homebuilder as we feel he has gone above and beyond in trying to work with us- price wise and accessibility wise.
          In the meantime, I am getting used to my temporary digs (formerly known as the family room). Except for the fact I am occasionally awoken by light streaming through the top of my windows, it’s nice^ I have my primary electronics up and running (my Amazon devices, Comcast TV and harmony hub). For a while, I didn’t miss a beat getting back into my writing routine. But now I’m stuck again. Anyway, it’s quite easy just driving out for family dinners at the kitchen table.
          Stress and close quarters continue to remain a factor as we are still in a state of transition and decisions still, need to be made (granted these are the fun ones- color and style of my basement area. But I continue to try and remain focused on my faith in this time as I can’t help but feel lonely and disconnected. I can’t quite explain it myself- everything happening in my life is good but something is still missing. Anyway, I’m staying close to God in this time holding onto Girl Defined Crossword for TRUST:
T-Turn your eyes upon him
R-Remember what He has done
S-Surrender (give your cares to Jesus)
T-Be thankful

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