A Lesson Of Faith

Welcome back~

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend. The weather was quite pleased down here for a change. It’s hard to believe summer is actually here; it’s been a long time coming. I have a lot to look forward to this summer, including going to a good friend’s recital as well as a cruise. In the midst of it all, I have hand splints and therapy sessions to go to. Through it all, I try to put my best foot forward. But is it enough?

At times, I really don’t think it is. I’m not just talking about physical therapy or even splints. But of life in general. Do I actually spend time acting on faith? In truth, I don’t think many of us have-myself included. The few that do take it to run with it-knowing that God will provide whatever is needed or that he will make a way when all seems lost. Take my friends serving as missionaries in Panama.. or the ones that just sit patiently, continuously praying for something to happen in HIS timing. How about their friends that constantly encourage you by a wall post on Facebook or a instant message just to say hello. I am blessed with such friends who are constant examples on acting on faith.

Acting on one’s faith is always easy, but that’s what it’s most worthwhile. I have to be honest that idea for this was not my own. But it was inspired by that of a online friend. In her daily post, she shares the impact of having this kind of active faith.

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