A Boy and His Dog- The Story of Haatchi and Owen

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I am always surprised how I come up with the articles for this blog, but then I reminded that God is in control of even the minute details. Take yesterday, for instance. I am eating at Red Robin and this story is on on the TV on ESPN. Granted, at first it caught my eye because the main protagonist of the story reminded me of Shane, a young man had dwarfism and the mainstream inclusion class that I was in. But that’s a whole different story..

Anyway, I digress…

At first glance, this story seems like your typical assistance dog partnership. But it is so much more than that. You see, Owen was born with a rare syndrome, which causes his muscles to constantly be in a state of tension all the time. In London, only 10 other people have this disorder. Haatchi like his owner also has special needs; due to unfortunate circumstance, this Anatolian Shepherd was abandoned in Northern London by the railroad tracks at five months of age. During that time, he was hit by a train; that left no other choice but to have his leg and tail amputated

Due to Owen’s syndrome, he often felt uncomfortable going out in his wheelchair. But that all changed when the dog came around.

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