30 years old: A Look Back

Dear readers,

Wow, in 12 days I will be a 30 – year- old woman! Okay, by the date of this post, it’s a little longer; but, as usual, I’m running behind.

30 years? Has it really been that long? I have to admit that time has flown by for me the last 10 years. I’ve been busy that’s for sure; first, getting my Associates Degree in general studies from a community college in Michigan and then continuing my education at a Lutheran University. It’s been amazing to see how far I have come. Most of which, I can’t really explain because I’ve forgotten how I used to be. My parents could give you their own interpretation because they can probably remember my youth better than I can ! I have a feeling that is one of my “side effects” of the baclofen, but no one can tell me for sure.

Anyway, I’ve grown a lot since then. Greatly due to the overwhelming support of family and friends. As I’ve said many times before, college played an instrumental role in my growth process. experience allowed me to see what exactly was possible in terms of my future. I was able to “spread my wings” and see my life for what it would eventually be- a life on my own, separate from my parents. Scary as I was for my parents, I relished in the opportunity. It was during that time that I saw life for what it was.. At its best, having friends who accepted me DESPITE my disability, not BECAUSE of it and helping me to accept my disability as well. At its worst, it reminded me how important advocacy will remain to be in my life. In summary, I must always be aware of my disability without letting it dominate my life.

As time passes, though, I find the roles reversing. Why? Maybe it’s simply my age or getting caught up in the world, I don’t know. It’s not like I’ve lost my confidence; I still want to write. It’s all I’m really good at (besides advocating, that is).. I just wonder whether my story (my life and my book) have reached its full potential and stopped growing.

I can’t imagine what my future holds and that scares me. As a child, everything seemed so simple having my parents around to protect and guide me. But now, things are changing!

I’m on my own..

Yet, I’m not!

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