Your Own Show Episode 5 Recap


As previously reported, Elizabeth was eliminated on episode five of Your Own Show-not without some drama though. In last week’s episode, guest star Daisy Fuentes helped the teams create a commercial for Kohl’s as well as featuring her clothing line . Fresh off of Tony’s exit, team Focus struggled to find their groove. Ryan not only lacked his usual comedic confidence and ease. That became even more apparent when he resisted being Executive Producer of the commercial. Of course, no one could blame him; it is after all a woman’s clothing line they were selling. Even still, they pulled it together thanks to a very insightful on air interview with Zach helping them to win the challenge.

On the other hand, things got even more difficult for team Vision. After an ongoing disagreement about not standing up for herself on the last show, Terey had enough. She insisted on being the on-air talent for the commercial portion while Kristina ended up with the role of Executive Producer. That left Elizabeth to do the reporting. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. In my opinion, Elizabeth wasn’t prepared and left Kristina with the difficult task of trying to pick up the slack.

You can view the episode online here:

Next Week, financial guru Suzy Orman puts the groups through their paces!

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