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So I’m running a little behind today. The truth is, I really have nothing new to say. That is, until I remembered I taped something yesterday that may be helpful for readers. Today’s topic is.. disability awareness and celebrity influence. This can be a very powerful tool to bridging the gap of understanding between the disabled and nondisabled community

You see, I recently discovered former American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin has been coping with type 1 diabetes all of his life. This amazing young singer went on to become a top selling artist, his recent album is in the top 3 of the Billboard . He had to overcome many difficulties in his personal life, including his parents’ divorce. All of this made him feel isolated and alone at times. As a result, Elliot dropped out of school at the beginning of the ninth grade. After having a total of 40 jobs, his boss noticed his singing singing talent and encouraged him to go for his dreams. The rest is history. Elliott is now part of an organization named Inspired by Diabetes which raises awareness of the disease.

You can find more information about the organization at their website:

Citation for TV Program: “Montel Williams” , Fox channel 2 Detroit, at 12:00 p.m.. , November 29, 2007.

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