What’s Next For Me??

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I’m sure I’m not the only person to pose the question at the beginning of this post at least once during their lifetime. After all, it’s completely natural to wonder where this journey called life will take you or what the future holds. This seems to be a central theme weaved throughout the circumstances of the last few months…

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself…

Over the course of my one-month absence from this blog, I underwent surgery to straighten my right arm. Readers may recall that I had this same type of reconstruction on my other side, where the doctor chiseled out some of the bone in my elbow and stretch out the arm (including the muscles and the nerves) to just about a 90° angle. This time, though, was quite a bit different. When the doctor went to stretch out my skin and nerves in between my elbow, the skin broke. This left him with no other option but to take some from another part to repair it. That being said, the outcome has been positive despite having to deal with the open sore as an additional part of the healing process.

At the same time, changes continued to take place in other aspects of my life as well. My personal care agency struggled to find aides that were capable of lifting me and accommodating me in terms of my needs: so much so, that one of them actually hurt their back while working for me one day. On a positive note, I was still at my parent’s place recovering and they were able to provide a reliable backup in the interim. It also allowed me the unique opportunity to figure out where God is leading me- whether it be switching to a new agency or staying with the one I had. In the end, I chose the former and am in the process of waiting to see how many hours the new agency can provide; either way, I believe God knows what the future holds for me and will work out everything according to His Plan.

What’s my point? Unplanned or planned, these events had the same effect on me- leaving me nervous and anxious with the uncertainty of each and every outcome…

That much goes without saying…

However, we tend to forget the unique opportunity that trials offer us- not only building our character but teaching us the dependability of God if only we’d trust Him! In Psalms 46, David goes even further portraying his relationship with God as a intimate one using words like “refuge” and “strength” in the description. I’m
not saying this is easy; hey I’m still learning this very important lesson myself.. But if we would learn this, it would make this journey called life a lot less stressful!

What do you say??

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  1. I can relate. Life will always be difficult in one way or another. We have to make sure we focus on the snall joys contained un the here and now.


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