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Last week ABC’s What Would You Do featured a young waiter with a small stutter. While most people probably wouldn’t consider this a disability, approximately 70 million people have this condition worldwide. Some more prominent figures have severed with it also, including Julia Roberts, Joe Biden, and King George VI. In 20% of these cases, the condition can last into their adulthood-sometimes leading to teasing or bullying. In this scenario, here were some of the inspirational responses:
“There’s plenty of people with disabilities. We have to respect that and they have value.. ” said one customer
“I can’t believe you guys… He’s a good kid trying to make a living and you’re taking his disability out on him… Why shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to do what they want? He’s quite competent.
I agree 100% with these sentiments; although I don’t always agree with the way What Would You Do shows its political side. But that’s just me. For your encouragement and entertainment, I have included the segment below for those who are interested.
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