The web isn’t just for people in wheelchairs anymore!

Hey Guys~

As I have tried to point out, the web isn’t just for able bodied people anymore. Over the years, technology has made it possible for people from all walks of life and disabilities to share their stories with others. Whether it is because of software that enlarges a page’s font or simply reads the content to the participant, technology continues to amaze us. But in order for everyone to enjoy cyberspace, there are a few things to remain aware of:

1.) Perceivable- content must be clear to everyone

2. Operable- your website must be easy to navigate and find your way around, accessible by all types of software or platforms

Understandable- your information must be easy to understand by all ages

Robust- software must be current and interface with the newest of technologies

For more details about website accessibility, see the following page and click “Web Accessibility”

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