The purpose of friendships


As promised, here are some of my notes from Chapter 1 of the book. Keep in mind, these are brief and important points in my view. Different points mean different things to different people, so I would suggest buying the book if my observations at all interest you. It certainly has brought to light a lot of things in my friendships.

Anyway, here we go..

Important Notes On Grown-Up Girlfriend

We need friendships because..

  • We are created for connectiona.
  • Men’s Versus Women’s Role
  • it is different
  • Men take care of garden and animals; women are in charge of child rearing and being a companion (Genesis 2: 19- 23, 3: 16
  • i. Women crave interactions
  • i. The scientific need for friendships
  • can lead to longer life
  • better odds at surviving medical events
  • less chance of developing respiratory problems or cancer
  • less chance of developing depression

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