The Perspective Of Outsiders: A Mother’s struggle to shed light on her Son’s. (Patrick Henry) disability..

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I know it’s been a while since we last visited the Patrick Henry book review, but I’m ready to work through my difficulties and push forward. Granted, I’m not feeling my best; but you’ll get the information and it will be helpful no matter what I’m going through. You didn’t come here for me anyway, you came to hear my message.

On a side note, I recently watched a movie on HBO called Julie and Julia. It’s a movie based on the book by Julie Powell who uses Julia Child’s famous cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” to spice up her daily routine. To commemorate her journey, she allows readers to follow her adventures by writing a blog. This is where it got interesting; some people criticized her for the blog, saying it was “self-indulgent and self centered” I am bringing this up because I want my readers to know that this blog is for them and if I ever get that way to please warn me. In some ways, her friends were right a blog is often focused on one person’s feelings and opinions, but that’s only if you choose to make it that way. A blog can be helpful as well. For example, I feature many on my side bar that keep their readers as well as their overall purpose in mind (informing people about disabilities).

As I said, today we will be continuing my review of the Patrick Henry book, “I Am Potential”. When we last left the book, we were revealing Mrs. Hughes take on her son’s disability. As with most mothers, Ms. Hughes was the driving force behind the family- researching her son’s disability, searching for solutions to problems and giving him the best education possible.
But there’s one perspective we don’t like to talk about much- The perspective of the outsiders (a.k.a. the Uneducated [I’m talking about a disability here, nothing else! ]) This includes people who continue to look down on a person with a disability with feelings of pity or disgust. True, it’s a part of life; but something no one can ever get used..

Especially mothers.

Because they know their child better than anyone could.

One day, though, it all got to be too much and she found herself crying.

“You know what? I’m strong. I’m facing challenges people can’t even imagine and I’m coping … I am handling it! Maybe my son isn’t progressing as much as the other childrens and maybe maybe he won’t be a star athlete or great brain surgeon someday.Maybe he’ll never even reach the lofty perch of being average; but I’ll tell you this, he’ll be everything he’s able to be,”

Like many parents, Patrick’s mom believed that anything was possible as long as you put your mind to it. Self-pity was useless and it only brought you down.

Yes, Patrick Henry was anything but typical. But who was? Everyone has their own problems to deal with; they were just honored to be able to concentrate on Patrick and his “small victories”

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