“The Detour” by Faithful

My brain works a little differently when it comes to sound, music, and conversations. It zooms in on the one furthest from me. If the chef has a radio or television playing in the kitchen, I can’t focus on the book I’m trying to read or the person at my table. I just thought this was normal. However, people tell me this is out of the ordinary. It is particularly problematic when I am working in an office with many people. It’s nearly impossible to tune out others when they are talking. This is an invisible feature of my Cerebral Palsy.

Last year, I got some distressing health news. I went to an empty restaurant during off-hours to find a quiet place to process the news after I left the hospital. A man in the next room pulled out his phone and started to watch the news paying no mind to volume. He thought he was in an empty restaurant too. This act nearly sent me over the edge. I had to take my food to go.

I went back to my car and Faithful’s “The Detour” started playing. It was a cool project. Women singer-songwriters and musicians were tasked to write songs based on women of the Bible.

The song is about trusting God when it looks like you are lost in doubt and the unknown. It helps the listener to see that maybe the unforeseen road is actually God’s way all along.

We have a tendency to hone in on the outer piece of information or advice or fixate on a conversation that wasn’t meant for us. What we really need to do is get into a silent car and turn up the volume on the truth of God.

I knew that God was going to take care of me. He has done so all of my life. I have learned not to listen to the random talking head on a stranger’s phone or a specialist who reads my labs and sees me for eight minutes. I want to trust the God who made me and who is in the business of healing on the Sabbath.

I go to doctors and listen. Then, I pray.

I pray that you will seek the mapmaker when you are in a detour. You may think you are lost in an unknown area, but He knows the way out.

“The Detour” LIVESTREAM Performance | FAITHFUL

Photo by Sean Foster on Unsplash

Kyra Joy Craig

Today’s post was written by Kyra Joy Craig. You can read more about Ruth on our Guest Author page.

2 thoughts on ““The Detour” by Faithful”

  1. Thank you for sharing this story and the reminders that we are in God’s hands. It reminds me of the song “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns.

  2. Thank you, Kyra, for an inspiring meditatin on the workings of God even within our darkest of times. This was helpful to me today.

    I’m sorry about the man with his phone and the volume when you attempted to retreat to a quiet place to absorb and process the medical news you received. I hope and pray the medical issue is doing OK now. (I wouldn’t expect you to share more about it, and certainly not here! I’m just sharing my hopes. If it continues and if you tell me via PM that it continues, I’ll be lifting you in prayer about it.)

    Thank you for using your amazing gift of writing for God’s glory! It blessed me today.


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