The Big Debate

Welcome back~

Over the last year, I’ve expressed increasing frustration with my disability. Having cerebral palsy, spasms and rigidity have become a way of life for me; but its gotten progressively worse as I’ve grown. I’ve tried just about everything from Botox to therapy to increase my range of motion and abilities.. Unfortunately, these techniques only offered temporary “fixes” to my problem. As a result, I am forced to look into the final and most permanent option- Surgery.

I had an appointment today with Dr. Edwards. The appointment went well, Dr. Edwards said my situation was better than most then he’s dealt with. He suggested that I undergo a muscle lengthening in my left arm to increase my range of motion and it that works maybe going on to my wrist. It would involve a outpatient surgery (2 to 3 hours), casting for several weeks and three months of therapy. He is hopeful that I may be able to drive my chair after that. I don’t know how I feel about the surgery; but I have a lot of apprehension going into it considering all the risks involved (blood clots, nerve damage etc.) I’ve never liked surgery, let’s face it, no one does!

But if I do decide to proceed, the surgery will probably take place late August early September.

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