The Battle We All Face


So I’m a day late in creating this post.. But as I learned, a lot can happen in a day;said that being said, I will give you a little update on my progress. Things continue to go well, although we have been concerned by a slight increase in temperature as well as a continued redness that in my back. We went to my regular doctor today and did some tests-hoping my white cells are still down and there is nothing to be concerned about…

This leads me to the topic of today’s post-Releasing God’s Power In Your Life. Sounds easy, right? After all, we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit at the time of our confession of faith. But learning how to harness this power is a completely different story. First, it’s important to note that you are powerless within your own will to change your current circumstances. Second, we must be willing to commit our lives to God. That is where faith comes into play, turning our thoughts to “I can do this on my own” to “I can’t but God can”

I haven’t mastered all the steps: in fact, I haven’t begun to understand all of the things God hopes to teach me through this time of difficulty. But then again, isn’t that the battle we all face in the end. All it takes is the faith of a mustard seed.

*The idea came from Stanley’s Early Light devotional entitled “Releasing the Power of the Holy Spirit”

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