Reminiscing: How Far I’ve Come.

Welcome Back Readers~

I was reminded this weekend about how far I’ve come since the early years of special education. For those of you who are new, special education can be classified in several ways: 1) a group of people with various disabilities in a specific classroom who are attempting to mainstream into the public school system..2) a type of education specially designed to assist in the learning process of a specific person etc..

In this case, I am talking about the first classic definition. I myself was put into a classroom which we lovingly named “Room 54: where are you” in which I learned the necessary skills to succeed in the regular classes. I was among friends with dwarfism, ADHD, CP, and other disabilities. In this class, not only to learn academically but some social skills that I would need to survive in the outside world.

A recent movie on CBS called A Smile As Big As the Moon starring John Corbett also illustrated the experience I had. In this movie, the group bonds over trying to learn the necessary skills in order to attend Space Camp. It also highlights the difficulties I faced while trying to mainstream myself into the public school. The movie will re-air on Sunday or Saturday (I’m not sure which) on the Hallmark Channel for those of you who have the channel. I would encourage you to watch it if you have a child going through the mainstream proces or just someone with a disability!

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