Personal Update

It’s no secret I have been struggling lately. Who wouldn’t, especially having a disability? As a fellow blogger recently put it, “sometimes it just slaps you in the face.”

What does it say, you may ask?

My reply is: “This is your life! Just deal with it..”

But sometimes I just can’t. Overall, I work with caring people who know me and accept me for who I am at my core- a 29-year-old (almost 30) young woman stuck in a body that doesn’t work. But I’m not always going going to be that lucky. I know this. I accept it. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for me.

Take this week for example. My original personal care assistant is away on vacation visiting family. So I am dealing with another personal care assistant until she returns sometime after my birthday. I know she is trying, and I am as well. But it just ain’t working.. As I have stated in previous posts, finding people who understand me is key. Because if you don’t understand me, how can you help me?

Then, there is the usual hurdles of getting people to treat you as the adult that you are, capable of making your own decisions. The “mothering” instinct is what I’m talking about here..

Still, I cope, knowing that this situation is just temporary. But it frustrates me, knowing this will always be a part of my life that I’m going to deal with- people coming in and out of my life in order to sustain my independent living. But as I have said, my parents aren’t always going to be here- so better to prepare myself ahead of time.

I just wish I had better coping skills.

Anyway, there’s my personal update. I have enclosed several other links to similar posts on coping with your disability and personal assistants:

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