Personal update

Hello everyone,
I know you haven’t heard for me in awhile, but I’m okay. Things have just changed a lot for me in terms of my computer and future family decisions. As you may remember, my computer was damaged a few weeks ago. I am up and running now; but still dealing with the loss of some major computer information. As a result, I have been forced to re-create my voice recognition files. It’s not too bad; but it is a very long process. I have a feeling it will never be back to the way it was. But I am dealing with it.

Things around my parents’ house are hectic as well. Long story short, our family has the opportunity to move away from Michigan. This has several benefits to our family. The first being escaping Michigan’s economy as well as the weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here. In a way, Michigan has made me who I am. Another reason for our possible move is to be closer to our immediate family. After all, we are expecting a new niece to arrive soon, so.

All in all I really don’t know how I feel about moving. After all, my life really began HERE. Anyway, I have a lot of decisions to make. Please pray for clarity from me as I make one of the biggest decisions in my life.


PS. I am also recovering from a illness as well

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