Pay It Forward

Hey Guys~

So it’s official, I’m 29 today.. (Okay, so I realize I’m writing this post a couple days late!) I know I usually post on Monday, but I thought I would change things up a little. 29 years old, I can hardly believe it myself. Growing older, time seems to fly by; that’s why I strive to maintain a sense of innocence in my life, remembering that life is a gift never taking it granted. However, it’s so easy to get in a mode of living day to day forgetting what’s truly important. But every once in a while God uses unexpected circumstances to remind us how connected we really are or should be as a society. Take for example the unexpected gift I received the night of my birthday. My family and I were celebrating at a nearby Japanese steakhouse and a stranger wished me a happy birthday. Come to find out later, that he had the for our family’s meal. Isn’t that amazing?
This unforgettable gift kind of reminds me of a movie that debuted in 2000 entitled Pay It Forward. This movie starring Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment and Helen Hunt really says something about how we are connected with each other as a people as well as individuals. Too often, the focus is on ourselves when it should be on other people. We forget that we are all in this together. Granted, I will never know the reason why a complete stranger paid for our food, but even with that small gesture he caused me to stop, remember my purpose and why I am here, and move on with a renewed sense of self.

We all have a chance to make an impact; but what will we do with it?

I am going to pay it forward someday

Trust me on that..

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