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So it has come to my attention that Saturday was CP Awareness Day. It’s funny though; I know about disability awareness month, but didn’t realize there was a official day highlighting my disability. Or maybe I did and just don’t remember. Anyway, what can I say about CP? Sure, I could give you the medical jargon as it relates to my condition but you could find that anywhere. Instead, I went like to share something more personal. I’ve always said that every trial in life provides us with a unique opportunity- to learn more about ourselves while developing our character.
True, all I’ve ever known is CP. I wasn’t disabled in a car accident or anything like that. I was born this way- CREATED this way- for a reason. Now, for some people, this may be a hard concept to swallow. Why? It’s hard to fathom that a loving God would allow anything to happen to one of his children. Today’s world is too focused this idea of perfection. The perfect career, the perfect marriage- these things don’t exist. It’s an unattainable goal. The only thing that we have to do is try our best and lean on God to provide the rest.

That’s hard for some of us to do these days.. Sit back and relax, relying on something bigger than us.

Now to the question of the day: Would I change things? My knee-jerk reaction would be yes. Things would be a lot simpler if I was able to walk and take care of myself. But then again, would I be me? Would I have the same personality and character if I weren’t disabled. My instincts tell me no.. But no one really knows the answer to that, except God.

All I know is I have learned so much living with a disability. Here are just a few of the important lessons that have impacted my life.

1) Dependence is a good thing!

2) It’s Okay To Ask For Help

3) We Are All Connected

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