Music Monday: “Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me,” by Ginny Owens

Music Monday: “Yet Not I, but Through Christ In Me,” by Ginny Owens

by: Debbie Waltz

Welcome Back, Readers ~

It’s hard to believe I am already entering the third week of Stephanie May Warren’s “Love Your Single Life” course. Every week, we focus on a different topic; last week was loving your single life while we were waiting. Throughout this last week, it encouraged us to dream- thinking of activities we’d love to accomplish while we were still single and unhindered. There are only two problems with this:

  1. You need money to accomplish most of these dreams.
  2. As a disabled person, I am stuck between this world’s realities and what is possible.

Anything is possible with the Lord. I genuinely believe that. I’ve seen how God worked through the direst of circumstances (having a bacterial infection in my back- that eventually required surgery to remove a baclofen pump) led to me laughing again and enjoying my life to the fullest by changing to taking medication instead. That doesn’t mean I don’t have realistic expectations. Having cerebral palsy, I’ve learned how to adapt my expectations of what is possible out of fear of disappointment; that being said, I’ve forgotten what it means to be fully in AWE of what God has done and is continuing to do. I’m praying that throughout the rest of the course, He will renew this sense of surprise in our relationship and remind me what it’s like to dream.

This week (today), our Facebook group will discuss: Growing into the women God created us to be. I’m hoping we discussed more practical ways of getting closer to the Lord and learning to rely on him wholeheartedly (besides increasing our time in God’s Word). I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this week, we will probably discuss what our plans for our future are (as well as what we hope to accomplish for God’s kingdom. Honestly, I don’t see doing anything different from what I already have been. I’m already using my writing talents to share God’s love with people in my blog, shedding new light on what it means to live life with a disability, but also giving people hope.

Still, there I go limiting what God can do again??

To see Ginny Owen’s video can be accessed here:

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