Music Monday: “The Same God.” By Brandon Lake

Music Monday: “The Same God.” By Brandon Lake

by: Debbie Waltz

Welcome Back, Readers ~

Two weeks ago, I received a startling update about a former roommate of mine; if you’ve been friends with me on Facebook or have followed me long enough, you may remember me writing about my adventures with Sadie and apartment living. After moving to Virginia and living with my parents for several years, she’s the one that first encouraged me to explore the idea of apartment living. At that point, I was ready to open my wings and fly. (I’m sure Sadie was, too!), If you’re interested in exploring some of my earlier posts, you’re welcome to read some of them. I’m sure most of them are professionally written, but we have some of our amazing stories written for posterity.

To make a long story short, medical issues kept our living situation short, allowing me to continue living there for another year in a one-bedroom apartment alone. I will always be grateful for that time with Sadie because it opened up new opportunities that I never thought possible and stretched the limits of what I thought I was capable of doing.

Anyway, my friend is now happily married in Michigan; the story of how she found her husband is quite miraculous, and maybe someday I will ask her to share it here. But what is most startling is the update from my friend’s parents.

Currently, Sadie’s dad is a pastor at a church up north. But recent health challenges have got him considering the future. As Sadie’s mom is recovering from many stays in the hospital, he has taken on the role of a caregiver and husband. Not only that, but doctors have advised him that he suffers long-term effects of Covid. Despite this, his faith remains steadfast, trusting in God’s sovereignty and believing in his faithfulness throughout the generations.

Now I know what you’re thinking. But Debbie, he’s a pastor and has all this knowledge. So there’s a difference between knowing and believing.

Consider this: You may KNOW a chair won’t break. But until you SIT in it, you don’t believe it yourself. It’s the same with faith.

It doesn’t become your own until you have experienced it personally. Sadie’s dad sent us a link to Brandon Lake’s song “The Same God”; it has been an encouragement to him at this difficult time.

That’s why I believe God has all those examples written in the Bible because He knows we don’t always learn by knowledge through books, but we also learn by our own experiences and through the experiences of others.

Jesus wants us to look at the Bible and say: “They trusted God with their problems, and everything turned out for the best; I should trust God too!”

As I said, this doesn’t mean life will turn out perfect. I guarantee you there will be days when you question what God is doing (or not doing, for that matter), but as Christians, we should know that God always sees the bigger picture and has our best interests at heart.

To see Brandon Lake’s video, it can be accessed here:





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