Music Monday: Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary by Oasis Music

 Music Monday: Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary by Oasis Music

by Debbie


During these past three weeks, we’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to wisdom. Therefore, I will attempt to summarize these points before going into Music Monday; they are as follows :

  1. Wisdom is more than gaining knowledge; instead, it is a sense of awe and reverence toward God.
  2.    Wisdom requires trust and faith in His purposes; it requires all-out surrender (remember the example of Sarah & Abraham, Abraham, and Isaac)
  3.    Wisdom requires us to remember worth in the Lord; He can take our weaknesses and turn them into masterpieces if only we’d allow it.

So on this “Music Monday,” I’d like us to think of ourselves differently. Not only are we God’s ambassadors to the world around us, but God Himself is living inside of us. Think about it. God doesn’t live inside a church; instead, He CHOOSES to live inside His People. So shouldn’t that change how we live daily? Now, this doesn’t mean we will be perfect, mind you. We still live in a fallen world and face temptations, but we won’t fall prey to them so easily through God’s might.

Let this be my prayer today!

You can check out Oasis Worship’s “Lord, Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary” here:

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