Music Monday: “Gonna Be Alright” by Ryan Ellis

Music Monday: “Gonna Be Alright” by Ryan Ellis

by: Debbie

I don’t particularly appreciate it when it rains. Not only is rain unpredictable, but it makes going to appointments extremely difficult without having an extra pair of hands to hold an umbrella or drive my wheelchair (when I can’t) because of my nerves. It also puts a damper on my mood and impacts what I write on a particular day. If the weather is bad enough, I sometimes have to wait to write a specific post until the storm passes. That means I have to turn off most of my technology; being disabled makes me rely on other people much more.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Debbie, the rain helps everything grow..” You’re right; I tend to forget little things like that. But I think that’s one reason we’re getting so much rain lately; God is trying to remind me that it’s not always bad.

Rain helps things grow.

Rain allows for a fresh start!

If I’m honest, I could use my own fresh start.

Since the pandemic, things haven’t been the same. As a family, we’ve done our best to remain connected to a church, but it’s been hard with my dad’s injury. That’s why I’ve started reading the 40-day devotional again; yes, I started reading it before. But this time, I’m reading it from a new perspective. I hope that the true stories, although somewhat fictionalized, will bring these biblical characters to a new life for me and help me refresh my faith.

The first devotional of the book deals with our past. This is an important part of our transformation because it reminds us of where we were before God rescued us and how far we’ve come since then.

Ryan Ellis’ song reminds us that God can take our past mistakes and turn them into unexpected masterpieces. No matter what lies this world tells us, he will wait for us as long as it takes

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