Music Monday: Eye of The Storm by Ryan Stevenson (featuring Gabe Real)

 Music Monday: Eye of The Storm by Ryan Stevenson (featuring Gabe Real)

By Debbie

Growing up, I never did like thunderstorms; to be honest, I still don’t. Not only do they make me antsy and heighten my propensity for muscle spasms. Considering I rely on a computer for most of my daily activities-well you understand the problem, I fear a power outage.

Today’s song “Eye of The Storm” reminds us that God is in control of every aspect of our lives, no matter how it may look or feel from the outside. Unlike us, he is not caught off guard by the twists and turns our life takes. Instead, he goes before us, preparing the way. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

Ryan’s song goes onto compare God to a boat anchor. I love this because it reminds me of a yearly theme Concordia University had when I was there – it was based on Hebrews 6:19, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…” The verse goes even further, saying that because of this hope, we are invited in “behind the curtain.”

That’s amazing if you think about it. But I would like us to back up a moment. After reading “How Did I Get Here” by Christine Caine, I’ve come to realize that an anchor is only helpful if it is “set” correctly- that is, it settles into the deep sand as the boat drifts.

Have you set your anchor correctly??

I know what you’re thinking, “But Jesus is the only one that can truly save me..” And you’d be right. Once you’ve truly accepted Jesus as your Savior, the rest has been taken care of by His Father:  you’ve been sealed and sanctified for the courts above.

What I’m talking about here is the status of your relationship with Jesus. Like any relationship, this one takes dedication and commitment as well. You must take the time necessary to learn about God and his character; this enables you to trust more fully in His Plan and Purpose for your life


Ryan Stevenson’s “Eye of The Storm (featuring Gabe Real)” can be accessed here:

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