Music Monday: “Dare to Be,” by Andrea Bocelli [Featuring Virginia Bocelli]

Music Monday: “Dare to Be,” by Andrea Bocelli [Featuring Virginia Bocelli] (song from the motion picture “Cabrini”)

By Debbie Waltz

Last week, I had the privilege of seeing “Cabrini” with my dad in theaters; we went to encourage Christian directors to continue producing faith-based movies and uplifting stories whenever we can. I believe that is what the world needs now. But I had no idea what to expect. They had made a big deal of its release on “International Women’s Day” (March 8th)). But other than that, I was pretty clueless. Imagine my dismay when it begins in Italian (with English subtitles.)

But you can read more about my movie review of “Cabrini” later. I posted it late on Saturday even though it was supposed to go out on Friday as one of my “Faithful” post. That nun certainly lived out her faith, determined to make a difference in America and across the world.

Like much of the music’s score, “Dare to Be.” is partially in Italian: For an immigrant, this song might be speaking of the dreams they hope to accomplish when making a fresh start in America. Sadly, this dream is quite idyllic and doesn’t do the harsh realities of immigrant life justice. I felt it very powerful that they chose specific scenes of “Cabrini” to portray the immigrants’ difficulty.

This got me thinking, though.

Aren’t we all immigrants passing through? (No disrespect to immigrants intended. I have no idea what you have gone through to get to where you are today and I won’t pretend even to imagine).

As Christians, we believe this place is not our home. We are just passing through until God calls us home to be with Him or Jesus returns. Until then, we are called to be His messengers to a hurting and very broken world. In the meantime, He Is using the circumstances of this world to teach us to be more like him- dying to ourselves

Andrea Bocell’s duet “Dare to Be” can be accessed here

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