Motivational Speaking: Another Career Option for Me!


Over the last couple weeks, my struggle in search for therapy has come to an end; in reality, it’s more like two weeks since I’m writing this post early October. It took us going to another hospital, but the work has now begun. I’m now adjusting to a night splint which stretches my arm out in a extended position. I wear that brace primarily at night, although occasionally spasms wake me up from a sound sleep, so you can imagine I don’t sleep well. Most recently, I have been told to start wearing my wrist brace as often as possible to prepare myself for using my joystick. My dad is going to replace the doul in my tray like I had in college so my arm will get used to being in that position again. So we’re on our way, I guess.. But I can’t help but wonder. Why can’t I just stay positive like the rest of my family?

Anyway, I’ve always considered motivational speaking a second career alternative for me. If writing doesn’t work out, then is. I want to inspire others to overcome obstacles in order to achieve their dreams. That being said, I’ve had this link for a while and it fits in perfectly with this idea. This kid’s story is amazing!
Please check it out

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