Miscellaneous issues

So I don’t plan on doing this all the time, but since I’m running out of ideas for the blog, I have decided to defer to other people for topics.

The first being on the topic of my disability. If you have been a reader long enough, you may remember I have cerebral palsy. I just happened to find another blog post pertaining to that disability. Keep in mind there are different severities and types of CP. Anyway, I thought you might find this interesting. Here it is:


The second being how some people feel God plays into my having a disability. Many people have grown up viewing that disabilities are God’s way of punishing people for wrongs done in their life or the life of family members. The following blog post shows a different point of view.


My final topic for the night is a current one. This following blog post examines the presidential candidates and their stance on disability policy.

Here it is.


Hopefully, I will have something new on Wednesday

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