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As promised, here’s my review of Midnight Sun. This movie centers around the life of 16-year-old Katie Price (Bella Thorne) who just happens to suffer from XP. Without going into all the medical lingo, XP is a disease which causes a severe sensitivity to sunlight; as a result, Katie is resigned to life inside her house and only allowed out at night. Now one can imagine what this does to her social life; luckily she has one best friend to confide in. But that all changes on her graduation day when she bumps into Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger) while playing her guitar at the train station. Unbeknownst to Charlie, she has a crush on him and has been watching him from her window all her life –  this leads to the most awkward first meeting ever.

Think of Cinderella only 10 times worse.

 Yeah, that bad. Still, her best friend is determined to make a “second chance” meeting happen. After Katie accidentally loses her songbook, she texts her friend to bring it to her; however, she “can’t”, telling Katie she left it with Fred (the ticket master). When she arrives later at night, she finds it in the hands of Charlie. After a awkward start,  they began to realize they have a lot in common. Unwilling to ruin the connection they have, Katie decides to forego telling him about her XP; she just wants to be a “normal girl” a little longer. As he drives back home, she explains that she is busy during the day but free at night. Over the next few dates, the two begin to fall deeper and deeper love; Katie learns about how Charlie hurt his shoulder ruining his chances at a college scholarship in swimming.

Meanwhile Katie’s father is becoming increasingly worried about the budding relationship, considering she hasn’t been honest with Charlie about her disease. After Charlie insists on taking her on a real date, she worries her dad will reveal the truth when he meets him. She is right to be concerned when she interrupts the two just in time. “Just a little longer,” she pleads with her dad. Realizing she is old enough to make her own decisions, he relents. Freedom finally. She puts her phone on do not disturb for the night.

Charlie whisks her off on a whirlwind date- including her first train ride to the nearest city, an underground concert, debuting a song as a street performer and skinny dipping (her idea). Then they fall asleep in each other’s arms under the moonlight. Little do they know sunrise is soon approaching.

Katie awakens with a start. I fell asleep. Oh my goodness. What time is it ? Hurriedly, she scrambles for her cell phone. It’s about 5 AM with the sun rising and she’s received numerous messages from her dad and best friend telling her to get home. Frantically, she wakes up Charlie and tells him she needs to get home as the sun peaks over the horizon. In a panic, they race home; Katie constantly watching behind her. Are they going to make it ? Charlie, still clueless, wonders what are the fuss is about. As Katie exits the car and rushes through the door, she exhales. She is safe. A minute passes and she hears a car in the driveway. Her dad and friend have been out looking for her. Crushed, Katie crumbles as her best friend tells Charlie the truth. “She didn’t tell you.. She is sick.. She has XP.”

As a precaution, they go to the hospital for a checkup where the doctor announces “minimal” damage. But they should keep eye out for any neurological signs such as trembling etc. Stuck inside, Katie is determined to focus on the future.. If she couldn’t have one, she was dead set on her father finding someone to spend his life with; she even went as far as to create a dating profile for him. Seeing his daughter’s distress, he invites Charlie to come over with Chinese.

“This isn’t something you can just not tell me.”

At first, Katie insists they won’t work out. “We’re not the couple that doesn’t try,” With that encouragement, they decide to try again. Most of their activities involve playing games indoors during the day. When Charlie has swimming tryouts, Katie arrives in a heavy jumpsuit to cheer him on; when he has finished, she retreats to her heavily tented car.

I won’t spoil the ending for those wishing to see the movie. But I will say I can highly relate to this movie.

I have a simple life.

I admit it.

I don’t go to parties or have friends over at all times of the night.

I go to church on Sunday and try to stay out of trouble.

Still, I’m ignoring the elephant in the room.

Yes, I have a disability and that limits my activities a lot. I have to rely on others to get me up and dressed as well as fed and so forth. That being said, I wish people would take the time to get to know me – the person beyond the wheelchair. Thankfully, I have a few friends that have taken the time to get to know me that way. They have gone above and beyond to include me in college activities and events; one good friend has even gone as far as offering to take care me so that we could go on a cruise by ourselves. It was wonderful!

All that is great, however I’m still that girl looking for her happily ever after.

I know what you’re thinking, “Such a thing doesn’t exist honey.” No one said I was looking for perfection; I’m just looking for a man who sees me for me and it doesn’t matter to  him that I have a disability. He is willing to take on the responsibility (and I know it will be a lot) because he sees something special in me. I want someone to spend my life with besides my immediate family and friends; Someone who pushes me outside my comfort zone and someone I can push as well.

Until then it’s just me and Jesus. I’m learning that’s enough.

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