Meet HK- How a Unlikely FriendshipTransformed 2 Lives

Welcome Back Readers,
While listening to  Delilah on IHeartRadio one evening, she introduced her book  of the month club selection. This month, she chose The  Awakening of  HK Derryberry: My Unlikely Friendship with the Boy Who  Remembers Everything. This book tells the inspiring true story of how one chance meeting transforms two lives for the better. You see, HK was born with cerebral palsy and  several  other disabilities;  in his young life, he had encountered numerous  difficulties from not knowing  how to interact in social situations to  dealing with  physical problems
HK  is now 26-year-old  and a wonderful young man. It has been eye-opening learning about his  transformation due to  Mr.  Bradford. On the flip side, I’m sure Mr. Bradford is more open to God’s leading in his life.
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