Karen Kingsbury’s “like Dandelion Dust” Movie Review

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So as many of you know, I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan!! Not only because of her ability to write Christian novels with such ease, but because she lives out her faith .. In the public eye and out. As I have stated in previous posts, she has the uncanny ability to write the reality of daily life with unabashed honesty;The kind that grips readers and pulls them into the story, allowing them to take center stage. Her novels are real and relatable, touching readers where it counts the most-their hearts! Through her words, the love of the Lord has been shared changing lives.

In fact, a recent motion picture was based one of Karen Kingsbury’s books.The novel, which is entitled “Like Dandelion Dust”chronicles the lives of two families-the Porter’s and the Campbell’s. The Porter’s who are riddled with regret over past mistakes seek to redeem themselves, when they decide to get their son back.(While the storyline details are important, I have decided to keep it short because they are kind of complex. Basically, the child was adopted because the mother was unable to care for their child and the father was in jail.
In a twisted turn of events, the child was adopted illegally since the father’s signature turns out to be forged. As a result, Joey is caught in the crossfire. In the end, the decision is made to return the boy with a transition of three visits. The Campbell’s are devastated, seeking every opportunity to keep the boy).

The movie was gripping, by all accounts. But I can’t help but think that Karen Kingsbury’s magic got lost. I haven’t read the book, mind you. But it just missed that spark true of all of her novels.

Just my opinion.

Rent the movie for yourself and tell me what you think..


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