Grown-up Girlfriends Chapter 12 and 13

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How is everybody’s week going? Mine had been pretty hectic lately with car problems and trouble getting splints made for my hands. This process has been months in the making, ever since I got my first round of Botox. Unfortunately, though, it keeps getting passed on from doctor to doctor because they’re not really sure what they want. Not that I’m complaining, I am definitely not looking forward to wearing them both day and night. But I guess that’s the only way my arms will see changes in the long run.

Today I will be concluding my series on Grown-Up Girlfriends. I hope through my notes during this series my readers have learned to value the relationships that God puts in our lives. I have certainly learned a lot about myself as well as the importance of Christian friendships in my life. The final two chapters focus on the importance of learning through this process and growing up in response.I would love to hear how and if the series impacted you.

Notes on Chapter 12- A Grown-Up Girlfriend Passes On What She Knows
1. Make Yourself Available- if the opportunity arises, be ready and willing to share your experiences
2. Spreading Your Wings- allow yourself to grow from experiences and develop your own convictions about friendships. Every person is different and takes different perspectives on any given situation.
3. Deuteronomy 6:7
4. Remember To Pray for The Females In Your Life- a prayer could be as simple as the one given on page 199

“Lord, please help my daughter [or niece or any young lady] have with some when selecting girlfriends. Please bring girls into her life who love you, most importantly, but who also make good choices in life. Protect her from harm and bless her abundantly with healthy friendships. Amen”.

Notes for The Final chapter: Chapter 13- The Grown-Up Friendship Requires Us to Grow Up
1. Too Often We Want to Be Comfortable, but Becoming a Grown-Up Requires Change and Growth
2. “God will provide what is needed for this change throughout the journey- if we choose to follow him” (page 209)
3. The Goal of Growing Up – Ephesians 4:14-16, taken from The Message
It says in part, “God wants us to grow up, to know the truth and tell it in love- like Christ and everything.”
4. Qualities of A Grown-Up Girlfriend- to encourage, give hope, and provide a Christ- like example to those around us
5. Growing up is a choice we have to make
6. Signs That You Are a Grown-Up Friend- (page 216)- Accept rather than judge, express your feelings and expect friends to do the same, take responsibility for your own feelings; however, never lay guilt trips on your friend for how you feel, show empathy and compassion and true understanding for your friend.

Since the series is over, I am beginning to wonder where to go from here. I know a while back I had talked about doing a review of Patrick Henry’s new book, I Am Potential. But I would like to hear from you, what would you like to see done with this blog? Any feedback readers provide me with is greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you all,


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