Grown-up friendships Part 2


Here are part two of my notes on Chapter 1. These notes focus on the challenges humans face in creating friendships

Challenges to building friendships
· life transitions, changes: on the one hand, this is the worst time to make friends. On the other hand, this is the time you need them the most. Find people in similar situations like yours. You may be able to learn from them and their experiences.
· Personality- the level at which someone connects with others. For some, this may come easier than most. Here are some hints towards overcoming this difficulty: attend groups that break down into smaller groups (this allows for a more personal interaction), be open, use your friends circle of friends as a starting point (this takes the stress of you to introduce yourself), ask questions to keep the conversation going.
· Sticking to our comfort zone- On page 18, the author analyzes the problem with having un-flexible comfort zones .She says, “The problem with our comfort zones here on earth is that they are narrow, limiting, and growth inhibiting. They prevent us from becoming more like Christ and discovering some of the gifts-such as unexpected friends-that He has for us when we risk being uncomfortable.” Be open to new situations. You never know what blessings God might have in store for you
· Busyness

* the Different Seasons of Life*

A season of loneliness sometimes is meant to teach us things. For example, being lonely may teach a reliance on God instead of ourselves.

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