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Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine was certainly on the unique side, considering I actually got to spend some one-on-one time with my father. For those of you familiar with our family or have gotten to know me and my family through the reading of these blogs, time is precious around here. Actually, it should be that way for everyone.. But still. So, dad and I headed out for a fun filled day at Cedar Point. The amusement park is conveniently located just about four hours from our house in Sandusky, Ohio. In general, Cedar Point is best known for its roller coasters and thrill rides. But being a disabled person such as I, it is obviously hard for some people to participate in those types of activities. That being said, I intend to highlight some of the disability-friendly tips as well as entertainment alternatives for fellow guests who are wheelchair-bound and unable to ride the rides.

First-time guests may want to visit the customer service office located in the Town Hall building. As well as fielding obvious questions about the park’s rides, this office is also responsible for assessing each disabled person’s ability to ride certain roller coasters based on their strengths and weaknesses. These lists are then compared to the ride’s rules and regulations, coming up with your own list based on a person’s personal needs; it also allows for special access for a personal assistant or guest to help you if need be. One of the most accessible rides is Paddle Boat ride. It takes guests on a river ride which towards the park; during the ride, they will enjoy interesting facts about Cedar Point and its history as well as the occasional corny joke.

Tired of their rides and roller coasters? Cedar Point has a variety of shows to satisfy guests of all ages. The most recent show, “Dazzle: Beyond Divine” incorporates both singing and dancing to create a fabulous act. Several songs included in the act are: “Dream Girls” from the popular motion picture, “It’s Raining Men”, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend “and so much more.

Another thing I noticed since the last time I visited Cedar point was increased accessibility to most outside stands. By that I mean there is a tray to the height of a regular guest on which a consumer can finish the transaction with the employee on duty; however, there is also one for wheelchairs.

For more information regarding accessibility issues or just general questions, please visit

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