“Fireproof” movie starring Kirk Cameron


So I’m running a bit behind this week. As you could probably tell, my heart hasn’t been into much lately. I can’t quite explain what I’m going through; except to say, I am rearranging some my priorities. Over the past few weeks, I’ve realized some things about myself that need to be changed. There are some friendships that have changed as a result. But more importantly, I have realized the importance of a reliance on God. As a woman, I find this reliance often replaced by human relationships. I will admit I have a tendency to do this.

But as a friend reminded me this week, “A perfect love drives out fear.” The only perfect love is that of God. The movie “Fireproof” also reminds me of that. Starring Kirk Cameron, the movie chronicles a marriage on the brink of divorce. When he receives a book called “The Love Dare”, he embarks on a journey that changes everything..

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