Faith Versus Works

Hey everyone,

This last weekend has been a difficult, yet rewarding one. After an endless search and what seemed like an impossible circumstances, we finally have a house. It’s very similar to the one we live in now; but with a bigger basement apartment for me. After all, I will be living in a new state- not exactly sure about the disability advocacies they have to offer.

Today’s topic was inspired by yesterday’s service at my church. The sermon was entitled: The Gospel of Grace. In Galatians 2, the power of Grace is explored. At first glance, he is amazed at the work being done and commends them. On the other hand, Paul warns the disciples about the danger they are encountering by trying to follow all of God’s commandments. In this case, it’s excluding the Gentiles. He reminds them that although God’s commandments are important; it’s not the goal. The laws are important because they point out a need for a Savior- a need for Jesus.

Thinking upon this, I was reminded to keep a careful eye on my objective in doing this blog.

While I do write in this blog on a daily basis, I have to make sure my heart remains in it for the right reasons. I don’t know what I’m getting at exactly, the strange thing is I knew what I wanted to say on Sunday, when I thought about writing this.. maybe you can make more out of yourself.

Another thing, the 39th Carnival blog is up. Ironically, the topic is disability and faith/religion. Hope you enjoy!

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