Entertainment: Ice Castles Revisited

So it appears I’m slightly behind again with my posts. Since it’s Friday, I thought I would do something a little bit entertainment related. Recently the DVD world released a updated version of a romantic classic entitled Ice Castles. For those unfamiliar, this story followers the journey of up-and-coming skating star, Lexi Winston. In the beginning, Lexi gives up everything in an effort to pursue her dream professionally, but her faith is tested when accident leaves her blind. In the original version, released in 1978, was written by Donald Wrye (screenplay), Gary L. Baim (screenplay ) as well as several others; it included such stars as Lynn-Holly Johnson, Robby Benson and Colleen Dewhurst . More information can be found on the original movie release here:

On the other hand, I feel the updated version doesn’t do it justice. Although it starts the newest face in skating, Taylor Firth, I think it forgets the main point of overcoming what obstacles may come in life. I was surprised to learn however that Firth is a outspoken Christian and she credits God for her talent. Something most people don’t do these days. You can find out more about her faith in the article:


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