Encouragement:Anna Johannes

Hey Guys,

I’m liking the new goals I’ve set for myself in this blog; I’m thinking God agrees with me because there seems to be more news segments on disability lately. This one featuring 16-year-old Anna Johannes. She is not your typical swimmer. Born with only a part of left arm, she hasn’t let that stop her from accomplishing your dreams. She has already won five gold medals participating in disabled events involving swimming in Colombia.

She also hopes to pursue her dreams of becoming a more accomplished swimmer and participate in the 2012 Paralympic games. In order to prepare herself, she attends practices at 4: 45 AM with other nondisabled swimmers.

“The kids just want to be seen as all other kids not a disabled first. For instance, in Anna’s case, I’m a swimmer who just happens to have part of her arm.” Said Diane Johannes

Citation for TV Program: “Anna Johannes ” News segment Lindsay Murphy reporting, Fox channel 5 WTTG Washington DC, News at 10 pm, January 25, 2009

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