Encouragement: Young man with muscular dystrophy living life to the fullest

Okay ~

So it’s official-this will be my last post of the year 2009. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this year flew by. It’s been great, but it’s been one of the hardest years of my life thus far. I have said goodbye to two closely members, moved to an entirely different state and uprooted my life. In fact, I had almost dismissed a very important part of my life. This blog. I can hardly believe I’ve written on this blog for almost a year. In that time, I’ve shared so much of my life-my heart, really-with you and I hope it’s been helpful. As my father always says, “You never know how many people you reach from all over the world.”

I have realized, though that I have forgotten some important things recording this blog. For example, when I first started, I had declared Wednesday’s “Encouragement Day”. To my detriment, I have forgotten to label many of my recent posts just that. Although many of them were quite obvious. Still, I’m sorry.

It seems quite ironic that I will be ending this year’s post with an encouragement. It’s quite fitting actually, since that was my primary goal for this blog- to encourage others to look beyond the limitations of their disability. Looking at the list of blogs on this page, I am not the only person with this goal. Reaching beyond one’s limitations is not limited to blog writing, but in all areas of life.

I first found this article courtesy of the UCP affiliates website. This article tells the story of one such individual with muscular dystrophy.

Check it out..


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