Encouragement: Patrick Henry


Today’s encouragement is in the form of television show. Many of you might have already seen it. It was an amazing story featured on a two hour special on Extreme Makeover. The lucky recipients of this house remodel were the Hughes family. In this episode, the team renovates a Kentucky home with a disabled son; while the team works on the home, the family visits London. (This summary was brought to you by my TiVo). Here’s a little background on the family

The family consists of three children

Patrick Henry was the first of the group. He was born with some major disabilities, but he doesn’t allow that to stop him. Patrick Henry was born without eyes, and is unable to straighten his arms or legs. The family refused to give up on him though, saying “okay, this is what we been handed, now let’s get to work. I’m going to give him his full life and all the opportunities that I would give an able-bodied son,”

In the early years, his dad took a evening job, so he could help with Patrick Henry. Realizing that Patrick Henry could not participate in your typical father-son activities, he began teaching Henry to play the piano. By age 2, he was taking requests. It doesn’t stop there, he also plays the trumpet and writes his own music. Despite using a manual wheelchair, Patrick still manages to participate in University activities such as marching band with the help of his father, who pushes his wheel chair in the formations.

M Patrick’s take on his disability: “Music has been so amazing and miraculous to me. It’s given me a great connection to life. God made me blind and unable to walk. Big deal. With music, I know that I can do anything I set my mind too.”

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